The Beggar's Opera
Mrs Peachum
Polly Peachum
Captain Macheath
Lucy Lockit
Mrs Trapes
Ladies of the Town
Jenny Diver

Mrs Vixen
Suky Tawdry
Mrs Coaxer
Dolly Trull
Mrs Slammekin
Molly Brazen
Betty Doxy
Gentlemen of the Road
Ben Budge
Matt of the Mint
Nimming Ned
Wat Dreary
Jemmy Twitcher
Tony the Twister

Paul Bray
Tim Baldwin
Adam Gilbert
Patricia Robertson
Louise Deans
Christopher Diffey
Leandros Taliotis
Helen Massey
Patricia Robertson

Sarah Price/Anita Green
Susan Low
Marilyn James
Sarah Jacobs
Clarissa Giles
Sue Keyte
Ros Maybank
Penny Locke

Mark Edwards
Paul Bray
Leandros Taliotis
David Clark
Stephen Fanis
Adam Gilbert

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Lighting Designer

Jonathan Butcher
Mark Hathaway
Prav Menon-Johansson
Simon Hutchings

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