Peter Grimes

Hobson, the carrier
Swallow, a lawyer
Peter Grimes, a fisherman

Mrs Sedley, a merchant's widow
Ellen Orford, widowed schoolmistress

Auntie, landlady of the Boar
Bob Boles, fisherman and Methodist
Balstrode, retired merchant skipper
Rev Horace Adams, the rector
Aunties's Nieces

Ned Keene, apothecary
John, Grimes's apprentice
Dr Crabbe

Paul Sheehan
Andrew Foan
Philip O'Brien (Feb 17,19,25)
Neil Allen (Feb 18,24,26)
Bronwen Haydock

Susan Stacey (Feb 17,19,25)
Jane Streeton (Feb18,24,26)
Patricia Robertson

Andrew Macnair

Tim Baldwin

Paul Chappory

Rebecca Rudge
Stephanie Bodsworth
Mark Oldfield
George Kendrick
Paul Bray


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Lighting Designer
Jonathan Butcher
Ashley Dean
Cordelia Chisholm
Simon Hutchings
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