La Bohème


Surrey Opera returned to Chequer Mead with a new production of this ever-popular opera.

Set in Paris, La Bohème is said to be Puccini’s most enchanting opera. The tale of the seamstress Mimi and her doomed love for the poet Rodolfo is combined with a heartrendingly beautiful score.

Sung in English with full orchestra, adult and children’s choruses, this promises to be an unforgettable event.

Conductor Jonathan Butcher
Director Francesca Gilpin
Lighting Designer Bruce Williams


Boheme1.jpg Boheme2.jpg Boheme3.jpg boheme10a.jpg boheme1a.jpg boheme2a.jpg boheme3a.jpg boheme4a.jpg boheme5a.jpg boheme6a.jpg boheme7a.jpg boheme8a.jpg boheme9a.jpg bohemeacknowledgementsa.jpg bohemecasta.jpg bohememaina.jpg bohemeorchestraa.jpg
MimiEmma Buratti
Alexandra Robertson
RodolfoRobert Watson
James Edwards
MusettaJady Pearl
Marcello Tim Baldwin
SchaunardRobert Gildon
Paul Sheehan
CollineAndy McWilliams
AlcindoroPaul Bray
Benoit Lawrence Reed