Don Giovanni


This dramatic, timeless story, first performed in 1787, is a black comedy for all ages. Ranging from farce to tragedy and set to Mozart’s magnificent music, with an English translation by the late and much missed Amanda Holden.

Mozart retells the Don Juan legend, portraying the Don himself as an anarchic force of nature, respecting nothing and nobody; the archetypical womaniser whose ‘love ’em and leave ’em’ philosophy challenges society’s norms. But, actions have consequences. Everyone’s favourite scoundrel leaves behind a trail of destruction and devastation, until Fate takes a hand and supernatural judgement intervenes.

With a stunning cast/chorus and accompanied by a full orchestra, this production of Mozart’s undisputed masterpiece will be a treat not to be missed!

Supported by:

The Humphrey Richardson Taylor Charitable Trust

Conductor Jonathan Butcher
Director Leon Berger
Designer Jill Wilson
Lighting Designer Rob Callender
How to book:
St Mary Magdalene Church18 Canning Rd, Croydon CR0 6QD
PerformancesFri 24th June at 7.30pm
Sat 25th at 2.30pm and 7.30pm
The Minack Theatre, on the cliffs at PorthcurnoCornwall TR19 6JU
PerformancesEvenings - Mon 11th to Fri 15th July 2022 at 8pm
Matinées - Tue 12th July and Thu 14th July at 3pm


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Photographer: Holly Burraway

Don Giovanni René Bloice-Sanders
Jon Openshaw
Leporello Giles Davis
Donna Elvira Heather Caddick
Jo Weeks
Donna Anna Nina Bennet
Kirsty Taylor-Stokes
Don OttavioTom Kelly
Andrew Woodmansey
Zerlina Louisa Alice-Rose
MasettoMatthew Secombe
CommendatoreWill Kwiatkowski