Die Fledermaus


Surrey Opera presented a brand new production of Johann Strauss’s famous operetta Die Fledermaus, with a contemporary twist devised by Director Alexander Hargreaves and English National Opera translation by Leonard Hancock and David Pountney.

Having enjoyed a hilarious round of mistaken identities, flirtations at a masked ball amidst a superbly decorative set designed by Jill Wilson, plus Strauss’s brilliant melodies performed by professional soloists and instrumental ensemble with the Surrey Opera Chorus conducted by Jonathan Butcher. You would have been sure of an evening/afternoon of pure entertainment, bubbling with sparkling comedy like the ever-flowing champagne!

Conductor Jonathan Butcher
Director Alexander Hargreaves
Designer Jill Wilson
Lighting Designer Rob Callender


Fledermaus_0099.jpg Fledermaus_0153.jpg Fledermaus_0205.jpg Fledermaus_0281.jpg Fledermaus_0363.jpg Fledermaus_0424.jpg Fledermaus_0482.jpg Fledermaus_0560.jpg Fledermaus_0601.jpg Fledermaus_0694.jpg Fledermaus_0743.jpg Fledermaus_0851.jpg Fledermaus_0945.jpg Fledermaus_1044.jpg Fledermaus_1090.jpg Fledermaus_1124.jpg Fledermaus_1175.jpg Fledermaus_1228.jpg Fledermaus_1320.jpg Fledermaus_1367.jpg Fledermaus_IMG_6986.jpg Fledermaus_IMG_7067.jpg Fledermaus_IMG_7128.jpg Fledermaus_IMG_7202.jpg Fledermaus_IMG_7357.jpg Fledermaus_IMG_7410.jpg Fledermaus_IMG_7477.jpg Fledermaus_IMG_7510.jpg Fledermaus_IMG_7566.jpg Fledermaus_IMG_7645.jpg Fledermaus_IMG_7726.jpg Fledermaus_IMG_7769.jpg Fledermaus_IMG_7801.jpg Fledermaus_IMG_7882.jpg Fledermaus_IMG_7931.jpg Fledermaus_IMG_8031.jpg Fledermaus_IMG_8091.jpg Fledermaus_IMG_8122.jpg Fledermaus_IMG_8235.jpg Fledermaus_IMG_8322.jpg Fledermaus_IMG_8364.jpg Fledermaus_IMG_8409.jpg Fledermaus_IMG_8450.jpg

Photographer: Mick Mercer

Rosalinde von Eisenstein Yvonne Patrick
Jane Streeton
Gabriel von Eisenstein Rhys Bowden
Adèle Paloma Bruce
Alethea Sibois
Dr Falke James Harrison
Prince Orlofsky Rose Nolan
Alfred Anando Mukerjee
Herr FrankAlan Crooks
Dr BlindMark Edwards
Ida Rebecca Henning
FroshDavid Price