Orpheus in the Underworld


According to Greek legend, Orpheus went down to the underworld, where he persuaded Hades to let him have back his wife Eurydice. Hades told him that she would follow him back to Earth so long as he did not look back. He did look back and he lost her again.

Offenbach’s Operetta Orpheus in the Underworld varies the story: Orpheus has no desire for Eurydice but the underworld is a wonderful place full of enjoyment where everybody dances the Can-Can. And although he turns back, well, the ending is not quite the same as the legend.

Surrey Opera will present the opera in a modern English translation. It will be conducted by the artistic director, Jonathan Butcher and directed by Mark Hathaway.

Conductor Jonathan Butcher
Director Mark Hathaway
Lighting Designer James Whiteside


OrpheusTom Raskin
Eurydice Jane Streeton
Jupiter Tim Baldwin
Pluto Paul Sheehan
Public OpinionRosemary Hayes
JunoEmma Cavadino
VenusSusan Clements-Loftus
DianaElaine Hayward
MercurySimon Carbery
CupidAlexander Main-Ian
John StyxJohn Coleman
MorpheusPaul Bray
MinervaClare Caddick