La Traviata


La Traviata is one of the most popular of all Operas. It is the story of the French courtesan Violetta who, suffering from consumption, finds the love of a good man, Alfredo, and through love she finds respite from her condition. But after a while she is forced to reject Alfredo by his father.

By the time the father has relented and Alfredo discovered what had happened, Violetta is on her death bed. She dies in his arms.

In a radical departure from tradition, Surrey Opera will present the opera in its original Italian. It will be conducted by the artistic director, Jonathan Butcher and directed by Matthew Hiscock.

Conductor Jonathan Butcher
Director Matthew Hiscock
Lighting Designer James Whiteside


ViolettaCandida Langston
Yvonne Patrick
AlfredoPhilip Pooley
John McGregor Murray
Germont (père)Craig Smith
Arthur Coomber
AnninaAlison Dabell
FloraBoo Wild
BaronRobert Gildon
GastoneMark Millidge
Dr Grenvil Lawrence Reed
GiuseppeDavid Clark