Flying Dutchman reviews

Chris Argent of the Wagner Society, wrote:

It was with increasing incredulity that we watched and listened to a performance of Der Fliegende Höllander by Surrey Opera, … this was an outstanding performance, … it is just a pity that the production won’t be seen in other parts of the country.

From the Sevenoaks Chronicle:

Writing a review of The Hawth performance for the Sevenoaks Chronicle prior to the Stag run, Roger Temple promised opera lovers “a treat” and said that “The Flying Dutchman was not to be missed. … In the title role, David Crown gave us a bel Canto Dutchman, singing with a legato and plenty of dynamic contrasts. … Susan Stacey as Senta projected just the right dreamy intensity for this archetypal Wagnerian heroine, and sang with a burnished tone that suggested a Brünnhide in waiting. … This production by Christopher Cowell was straightforward and telling the tale effectively in a single set that worked equally well as the rocky seacoast and the interior of Daland’s home.”